Sponsored Organizations

Nippon Sri Lanka Cultural Organization (NSCA) Est: 1986


This organization was started with the president-ship of Ven.Benko Esaki thero. To cooperate with the organization to be necessary to start the organization in Sri Lanka. As a result, Sri Lanka nippon cultural and educational center was started. First Japanese vetting educational program in Sri Lanka was supported by the organization. The organization is the best contribution to the development of Sri Lanka by the Japanese before the start of school in rural areas and the social cultural exchange programs.

Educational and Cultural Promotion Organization (CPI) Est: 1988

This organization was join with (SNECC) in 1988 with the president-ship of Mr. Kikufumi Konishi. With the start of (CPI)  SNECC was possible to spread scholarship programme  throughout the country. The foster parents are members of the organization throughout the year for more than 20 consecutive Japan Japanese parents awarded scholarships to Sri Lankan students will participate. CPI foster parents organization has reached the number of 7,000 students have been the student populous. Student counseling, Medicaid, student-centered, such as personality development programs sponsored by the (CPI) organization .


President of (CPI) Mr. Kikufumi Konishi.



Sri Lanka Education Assistance Foundation (SEAF) Estb : 1997

The organization was initiated by Mrs.Yuka Uda , who served as a volunteer pre-school teacher, Sri Lanka nippon Educational and Cultural Centre. The organization has developed a broad membership from the confines of his friends entered the Japanese-sponsored scholarships, foster parent program. Pre-school teacher training and the organization provided support for the admirable variety of educational and cultural programs held in Sri Lanka and Japan.


President of (SEAF) Mrs. Yuka Uda



Sri Lanka Educational Support Organization (SESA) Estb : 2005

In the year 2004 tsunami protection education to families who lost their homes and parents in the terrible tragedy in Sri Lanka seating SESA organization began. Tsunami Educational Scholarship Program The organization was undoubtedly reassuring to the affected children and their families. Tsunami scholarship program gradually ended, the economic and social causes are organized by the families to provide the best students scholarships could affect education. Sri Lanka nippon center of learning and social stability mission to move to a private donation of 6 million based organization has been built. Apart from Sri Lanka and SESA for various cultural and social services organization in Japan is provided admirable support.


President of (SESA) Mr. Kosuda Ksuyopi

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