Message from the chief owners

Friendship is a product of the patriot nature of morality. There are no ethnic, religious, and caste differences. No border barriers. Friendship is a powerful factor in peace, harmony and harmony in personal and social development. Sri Lanka and Japan have longstanding and deep friendship. The two countries have confirmed this through the work of State and Non-Governmental Organizations. Sri Lanka’s Nippon Educational and Cultural Center is prominent among them.

Since 1986, for over 28 years, under the patronage of Japanese philanthropists, our educational and social service programs throughout Sri Lanka, without racial or ethnic divisions, have truly affirmed Japan’s affection and friendship. Japanese Foster Parental Education Scholarship Program, Pre-schools, Health, Libraries, Vocational Training, Japanese Language Studies, Natural Disaster Relief, Cultural Programs, Sri Lanka Nippon Center.
We express our gratitude to Japan’s Sri Lankan friends and relatives who supported our personal wealth for being the foundation of SNECC’s personal wealth, to continue these programs with trust and deep friendship, which are sponsored by this organization.

Meegahatenne Chandrasiri Thera,
Secretary General

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